Thursday, May 7, 2015

Initial 3 week itenerary

Starting to get more and more excited as we move from draft form to actual bookings.  Booking a trip is a lot of work.  Good thing that my prior employer set me free.  Here's the itenerary
1.  Diamond Lakes (10 minutes north of crater lake.  2 days.
2.  Florence Oregon (Sand Dunes) 1 day
3.  Cave Junction (near oregon caves) 1 day
4.  Redwood National Park- 3 days
5.  Arcada (near Redwood national park) 2 days.
6.  Santa Rosa (wine country) 1 day
7.  SF ( with alcatraz tour) 1 day
8.  Monteray (north end of big sur) 1 day
9.  Morro Bay ( San Luis Obisbo) 4 days
10  Sequoia National Park 2 days.
11.  NYNY Hotel Vegas- 1 day (July 3rd(
12.  Moab- 4 days.

It's also starting to sink in that for the first time since I graduated college I will have no job or school- that was 22 years ago.  Based on this timeline, I will be 65 when I get my next summer vacation.  Whoa.