Monday, May 25, 2015

Opal Creek Falls- dry run

I can't believe that I've lived within 2 hours of opal creek falls for almost 40 years and never been.  What an unbelievable place.  There is a 3.5 mile forest access road that you can hike/bike that runs along north fork creek through an old growth forest.  We did both- because I failed to get my oldest daughters bike in working condition prior to leaving.  The forest however- absolutely unbelievable.

Also much stuff a family of five needs to go.  I should've taken a picture of our rig.  We added an skybox that has 18 cubic feet of space plus a bike rack...we still barely squished in enough stuff for one night.  The good news is the kids don't seem to like to change when camping so maybe we won't need so many clothes!

If this were a software pilot, I don't think we would release on June 15th.  But this project is mostly about schedule.  We've paid for homes, hotels etc through early August so we just  need to get there. Now how to get another 21 cubic feet?