Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How Disciplined Are You?

I have a new favorite tree- the Utah Juniper.  What makes this tree very special is that it will cut-off water to healthy branches when there isn't enough water...a self pruning tree.  Every time we spent time at Axium doing strategic planning, it was always easier to put things on the todo list than to put things on the not to do list.   Looking back we did so many things simply because that is what we had done despite not being able to quantify the return for customers or shareholders.  When there are plenty of resources (e.g water) this isn't a  problem.  That said, we were always constrained by talented people and their ability to focus.  We built a great business, but what if we had more discipline to turn off somewhat healthy sections of the business to divert our focus to even better parts of the business?  That's what has made the Utah Juniper such a tough tree in the inhospitable canyon lands of Utah.https://plus.google.com/+DanielLaun/posts/ez9Lij33iKd