Tuesday, July 7, 2015

There is nothing like momentum

Momentum- it's hard to get and all too often is easy to lose.  For small businesses it's critical to gain momentum.  Driving into Vegas reminded me just how powerful momentum can be.  Driving into Vegas I was stuck in a two hour traffic jam in the middle of the desert.  Californian's were driving past California casino's and Nevada state line casino's for Vegas...why? because Vegas has used it's casino momentum to create a destination.  The San Antonio spurs also reminded me of momentum when they signed Lamarcus Aldridge away from my beloved Blazers.  Over the past two years the blazers worked hard to get a bit of mojo working with 2 consecutive seasons of 50+ wins only to have Wes Mathews snap his achilles...and there went all of our momentum.  The spurs on the other hand haven't missed the playoffs for 18 years...in a word momentum.  If you don't have it you have to work 2 to 3x to get it.  Once you have it...don't squander it.