Wednesday, June 24, 2015

CA Water Conservation Observations

California is in the midst of a 4 year record drought, so I've been trying to observe what changes I might see taking place.  It's important for Oregonians as well because almost half of our counties declared a drought this year.  Here's what I've observed so far....not much.
1. a few yards have stopped watering (and maintained their yards)...hard to tell if it's water conservation or neglect.
2.  reclaimed water being used for irrigation (along with don't touch signs...wash your veggies!)
3.  notes at our vacation rental about conserving water.
4. note at campground to play in the river, not the water fountain.

Here are some things I thought I would observe
1. increased costs for showers at campgrounds (still only $0.50 per 5 minutes, in Oregon its $1 for 5 minutes at parks, $3per 5 minutes at private facilities.
2.  water saving shower heads- not at parks nor at rental house
3.  alternative yard planting with more native water independent plants

We're still in the north so it will be interested to see what happens as we travel to drier lands.

Quick update:
1.  At hearst castles they had shut down the bathrooms opting instead for portapotties...
2.  Beach cities still have free showers
3.  One restaurant noted they were only serving water to those that requested it.
4.  Vegas, 108 degrees....water conservation? ha ha