Friday, June 19, 2015

Great Local Business Secret

They say in real estate its all about location location location.  The same is true in business.  This business was started by a enterprising state park employee who recognized a pattern- she kept answering the same question over and over about where campers could do laundry and get a shower.  She then built her business right next to another source of customers- RV travelers.   This is like shooting fish in a barrel right?  Not quite, there is still competition.  This owner differentiated herself by providing a better environment, clean working machines.  The online reviews spoke volumes about the differentiation this owner provided on a coin operated laundry.  I saw it immediately when I came in- her name and cell# are prominently posted on the front window.  As I walked in and looked confused, I was pleasantly greeted by another launderer and she helped me decide which machine to use...I knew immediately this was the owner.  Great businesses share some common practices- they provide a great service at a great value.  They listen to their customers and then they act to provide a better experience.  Making money is an outcome of operating a great business.  Hats off to this entrepreneur!37th st coin operated laundry