Saturday, June 27, 2015

Robbed- In Broad Daylight

Two days ago we were robbed in broad daylight of three bikes with a kids trailer bike maimed in addition.  While I went to look for bikes disposed someone came and grabbed a third bike off the trailer between 8 and 8.08AM.  This aggression has occupied my mind since.  A few thoughts
1.  If you are bringing bikes invest in real security- cables are useless.
2.  Bike theft is quiet- insurance is tagged (homeowner and renter policy deductables are most likely too high) and cops have no way of recovering.  I'm not even convinced our robbery will be part of the official statistics.
3.  Beware of hotels that back to greenspace/bike trails. The cop noted that this bike trail was known as the transient highway.  By day nannies, kids, housewives and atheletes....during the dark- homeless, etc.  It provides a quick escape route and most cops can't follow.
4.  Thieves aren't looking for real value- they will take anything.  Our bikes wouldn't have sold for $500 combined but it will cost us a lot more than that in aggravation.